Products & Services

Products & Services

High quality drinking water is a luxury everyone can afford. With Tri•State Water, you’re covered when it comes to high-quality drinking water, dispensers, and home purification. Check out our current product line!

Bottled Water

Let Tri•State Water deliver to your doorstep! We deliver on a regular schedule so you’ll never run out. We deliver where you want: front step, garage, basement. We’ll even let your dog out for you! At Tri•State, we do it your way. If you run out of water outside of our normal delivery times, you can bring in your empty bottle and pick up a new one at one of our many convenient locations

    • Bottled Drinking Water
      (5 gal., 3 gal., 1 gal., and 20 oz bottles)
    • Pharmaceutical-grade Bottled Water
      (nearly zero dissolved solids)
    • Home or office delivery

Water Dispensers


We offer high-quality coolers, dispensers and pumps that can be purchased or rented for a small monthly fee.

    • Standard Water Coolers
    • Hot/Cold Water Coolers
      (with childproof hot faucet)
    • Bottom-Load Water Coolers
    • Crocks
    • FloJet Water Dispensing System
    • Hand Pumps
    • Buy or Rent

Home Water Purification & Softener Systems

Our water experts can help you choose the right system for your home or business. Plus, we’ll set up a regular maintenance schedule to make sure filters are replaced on time and the system is working properly. Already have a water purification system? Call us and we’ll give you a free check-up!

Here are some of the products and services that could benefit your home and your quality of life:

    • Reverse Osmosis Systems
    • Softener Systems
    • Softener Salt
    • Home Installation and Service

Have questions? Give us a call and we’d be happy to assist you.


Tri State Water has always been dependable, reliable and friendly. Worry free service right to your door step.
Mark Herman, Aberdeen, SD